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Versele Laga Breeding & moulting

Basic seed mix, with premium cribs corn. This mixture can be used during the breeding and
moulting period.Mixture of breeding and moulting varied, rich in protein and containing red and
yellow corn. To be enriched with Success Corn IC + to obtain an ideal protein content
Red corn 10.0%, Cree corn premium 15.0%, Toasted soybeans 1.0%, Maple peas 2.0%, Dun
peas 3.0%, Yellow peas 10.0%, Large green peas 6, 0%, 2.0% Vesces, 18.0% White Wheat,
7.0% Yellow Dari, 10.0% Red Dari, 2.0% Cardy, 4.0% Barley Pigeons, 2.0% Rice Chips , Small
Streaked Sunflower Seed 2.0%, Hemp 2.0%, Yellow Millet 2.0%, Brown Linseed 1.0%, Black
Rape Seed 1.0%


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