Colombine Vita

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Colombine Vita is a food supplement for doves: it contains vitamins,
trace elements and minerals in powder.
 Indispensable especially during the period of baby. Appetizing.
 Colombine Vita is indispensable:
 - During the baby
 - In the epoch of contests
 - During the shed.
 - For pigeons in growth.
 To administer all the year round. It can be given separately or also can be mixed
by the fodder in the proportion of 5 soup spoonfuls by kg of fodder. To renew
every day.
 - Calcium
 - Phosphorus
 - Sodium
 - Magnesium
 - Copper
 - Chloride of hill
 - Vitamins: To, D3, And, K3, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, PP


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