Fidele+ Large Puppy

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A complete balanced diet for Large (8 to 35Kgs) breed puppies.

  • Suitable for all puppies of large breeds.
  • Conceptualised in India. Made in Belgium.
  • Kibble size caters to dentiture of puppies of large breeds.
  • Chicken is the first ingredient.
  • No wheat. No soy.
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated chicken protein, maize, white rice, peas, chicken fat, hydrolyzed chicken protein, flaxseed (2,5%), dried beet pulp, salmon oil, minerals, dried chicory (a natural source of FOS and inulin), MOS & beta-glucans, coconut oil, dried turmeric, dried basil, dried ginger.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein: 25%, Crude fat: 15%, Crude Ash : 7%, Crude fiber: 3.5%, Moisture: 9%


Weight of Dog in Kgs
Daily recommended intake (grams/day)
Ages in Months
2 Months3 months6 months9 months12 months18 months
2 to 4 Kgs237 g273 g259 g248 g--
5 to 6 Kgs434 g493 g485 g456 g--
7 to 9 Kgs535 g601 g620 g571 g--
10 to 14 Kgs669 g758 g799 g756 g725 g-
15 to 19 Kgs862 g986 g1058 g1009 g950 g-
20 to 24 Kgs1027 g1186 g1288 g1249 g1151 g-
25 to 29 Kgs1175 g1364 g1498 g1473 g1394 g1335 g
30 to 40 Kgs1301 g1527 g1695 g1672 g1597 g1508 g
 Metabolic energy calculated is 3.837 kcal/kg.


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Net Quantity