Mera, Puppy Milk, 2 -Kg

Unit Size: 2 Kg
MRP: Rs. 4600 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Country of Origin: Germany

MERA essential puppy milk is a high-quality supplementary food for puppies and is provided during the suckling period.

  • Contains pure milk protein with high biological value
  • With essential unsaturated fatty acids
  • Contains colostrum: a natural way of protecting the immune system
  • Balanced supply of nutrients through vitamins and trace elements

Supplement feed for dogs.

MERA essential puppy milk – peace of mind when breeding puppies

Milk from the female dog is an optimal food for new-born puppies. The concept of the MERA essential puppy milk is based on this knowledge. It contains pure milk protein of high biological value. Carefully selected fats and oils ensure the supply of essential unsaturated fatty acids. The content of vitamins and trace elements round off this balanced supply of nutrients.

With colostrum: A natural way of protecting the immune system

What is colostrum? Since ancient times, colostrum (in other words the first milk of mammals), has provided the highly effective package of active ingredients that are necessary for activating the immune system. This unique natural composition is made up of immunoglobulins (antibodies), amino acids, minerals and many other natural nutrients. Intensive research over the last few years has now made it possible to prepare beef colostrum extracted in Germany, in a way, which preserves its value.


Skimmed milk powder, sweet whey powder, coconut oil, casein powder, dextrose, maltodextrin, dicalcium phosphate, bovine colostrum (0.1%, dried, rich in immunoglobulins).

Analytical constituents

Protein 25.2%, fat content 18.0%, raw fibre 0.3%, crude ash 7.5%, calcium 1.1%, phosphorus 0.7%, sodium 0.4 %

Additives per kg

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 40.000 IE, vitamin D 2.000 IE, vitamin E  75 mg, copper (as copper-(II)-sulphate, pentahydrate) 12 mg, zinc (as zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 100 mg, manganese (as manganese-(II)-sulphate, monohydrate) 20 mg, cobalt (as cobalt-(II)-sulphate, heptahydrate) 0.60 mg, selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.12 mg, iron (as iron-(II)-sulphate, monohydrate) 40 mg, iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2 mg.


Mix MERA essential puppy milk in hot water (55°C) beating quickly (using a whisk) into a lump-free compound. Let the milk cool down and feed at body temperature.

Mixing ratio:

  • Based on volume: 1 lot (cup, measuring jug, etc.) of milk powder plus 1.5 lots of water.
  • based on weight: 32 ml of water per 10 g of milk powder. (Example: 100 g of milk powder plus 320 ml of water produce about 400 ml of prepared milk).

Feeding recommendation MERA essential puppy milk

Daily, per kg of body weight:
up to week 4: 230 ml of prepared milk
up to week 8: 180 ml of prepared milk

The recommended allowances are only approximate values; adapt them to suit your puppy's development process and total food intake.
Make up the daily allowance into 8 - 10 feeds during the first week; then reduce this to 4 feeds per day.

We recommend

The mentioned feeding recommendation is merely a guideline for balanced, requirement-oriented feeding of your dog. This information was calculated in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge, but must be adapted to the individual needs of your dog. Because a single number cannot cover all of the individual differences and conditions such as breed, age and size of dog, movement level, environmental influences (weather, summer, winter) etc.


Please store all MERA products in cool and dry place so that the quality of our products is maintained over their entire shelf life.

The ideal feeding plan

Due to the various influencing factors in puppy breeding, we are pleased to recommend you a feeding plan, which you should individually adapt to the situation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally. Below you will find a table for breeders and one for puppy owners, with recommendations for the period from the first week of life until the end of the puppy’s growth phase.

For breeders: 1st to 8th Week of life:   
Age of the dogType of foodFrequency of feedingRecommendation
PuppiesMother’s milk12 x dailyThe puppy milk is useful for large litters, illness or weakening of the mother or for intended intensive rearing.
(1st week)(puppy milk)
PuppiesMother’s milk8 x dailySee above.
(2nd week)(puppy milk)
PuppiesMother’s milk5 - 8 x dailySee above.
(3rd week)(puppy milk)
PuppiesMother’s milk and/or junior 13 – 5 x dailyStart of the supplementary feeding. Junior 1 can be soaked and/or puréed.
(4th week)supplementary feed + water
PuppiesMother’s milk and/or junior 13 - 5 x dailySupplementary feed covers about 50 % of the nutrient requirement.
(5th week)supplementary feed + water
PuppiesMother’s milk and/or junior 14 - 6 x dailySlow weaning from mother’s milk Now permanent supply of fresh water.
(6th week)supplementary feed + water
PuppiesJunior 14 – 6 x dailyPuppies are now usually weaned and get supplementary feed/complete feed.
(7th week)+ fresh water
PuppiesJunior 14 – 5 x dailyPermanent fresh water
(8th week)+ fresh water
8th Year of life until the of the puppy’s growth period:   
Age of the dogType of foodFrequency of feedingRecommendation
PuppiesJunior 14 x dailyThe recommended daily dose is divided into 4 portions, whereby the 4th meal can also be omitted if the puppy no longer wants to eat.
(8-12 weeks)
JuniorsJunior 1 small and medium breeds3 x dailyWith the 4th missing portion, the total day ration should be slowly increased in order to reach the recommended daily ration.
(4-5 months)Junior 1 large breeds
JuniorJunior 1 small and medium breeds2 x dailyHere, too, the rations should be increased accordingly, whereby you should keep large breeds lean so as not to put too much strain on the skeleton during growth.
(6-12 months)Junior 2 large breeds
Adult dogsAdult feed for small and medium breeds (e.g. reference)1 – 2 x dailyDepending on whether your dog gets lots of treats, you should reduce the meal to one or two. Important: The dog should rest after feeding!
(12-24 months)Junior 2 for large breeds until the end of the growth phase


Generic NameDog Dry food
Net Quantity1
ManufacturerMERA tiernahrung GmbH
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