Prestige Parrot Supper Diet

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Unit Size: 20 kg
MRP: Rs. 8800 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Country of Origin: Belgium

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High quality seed mixture for parrots . Special light grains and seeds mixture - against fattening
Cardon  (23%)Milo (Sorghum bicolor)  (20%)Sorghum
bicolor  (10%)Buckwheat  (7%)Wheat  (5%)Rice  (5%)Paddy rice  (5%)Peeled
oat  (5%)Barley  (5%)Yellow millet  (5%)Canary seed  (5%)Hemp seeds  (5%)


Generic NameBird Food
Net Quantity
ManufacturerVerlacor N.V.
Versele-Laga, Kapellestraat 70-9800, Deinze, Belgium
Deinze, Belgium