Fidele Adult Lamb & Chicken In Gravy Pouch

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Unit Size: 100 gm POUCHES ( PACK OF 12 EACH)
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When your dog craves taste, texture and flavour, Fidele's Super Premium Adult Wet Food is the right choice!  With taste in mind and health at heart, we have slow cooked ingredients that add nutrition in a savory sauce that even the pickiest of eaters will not be able to refuse food infused with  Fidele's Super Premium Wet Food. What's the best part of the product? It doesn't compromise !

It is full of flavor yet nutrient-rich, and has been made keeping in mind the needs as well as the wants of your adult dog! So, if your dog refuses to touch dry food/ homemade food, give him/her a taste of  Fidele's Super Premium Adult Wet Food!

So yummy that it's hard to forget!


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