All In One Mix Wnw 10 Kg

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Versele Laga Pigeon All In One Mix - 10kg, 4kg
Colombine All-In- One is a totally complete mineral mix!
Both vitamins and minerals are essential to promote optimal metabolic function in pigeons
and they also play an important part in supporting muscles and bones. As well as
vegetables and seeds, this product contains everything a pigeon needs for the best possible
breeding, racing and moulting season.
Colombine All-In- One promotes health thanks to its rich, balanced composition of natural
ingredients. Pigeons take in Colombine All-In- One in an excellent way thanks to the tasty
Sneaky Mixture treat mix and Optimal Start 25 eggfood. It's also known to be an excellent
remedy for diarrhoea in nestlings and it guarantees shiny plumage and a healthy look.