June 22, 2016

Dog Apps For Dog Owners

Dog Apps For Dog Owners

 Dog Apps For Dog Owners


What with our love for dogs and mobile apps, somewhere along the line, the two loves were bound to cross ways and plow forward together! So now, we have tons of really cool Dog-related apps that are rocking the world of both dog owners, and their beloved pooches! So here are some of the most interesting dog apps that every dog owner just needs to check out—

BriskNow—This amazing app provides a great alternative to pet-sitting. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices. For a nominal fee, people register as either pet owners or pet borrowers. For security measures, insurance and IDV verification are necessary, and tracking is provided. So it’s 100% safe. So when you need to go somewhere, all you need to do is check the app to find out who wants to “borrow” you pet for a while. Safe and easy as that!


 DogVacay—When you need to go for a long trip somewhere and cannot take your pet with you, and you know no reliable person who can pet-sit your pooch while you are away, just turn to DogVacay to do the job for you. This app will locate qualified and insured dog caretakers who can give your pet a loving and comfortable home while you’re away. Plus, the VacayCam feature allows the caretaker to click adorable pics of your pet and keep you updated on everything so that you can have a worry-free trip.


DoggyBnB—This is a social media platform—akin to LinkedIn—where people with pets can form an inclusive community where they can share pet care tips, vet addresses, fun moments with their pooches, etc. Using this app, you can easily connect to friends and reliable and qualified pet-sitters. A must have app!


Swifto—Just like the first two apps in this list were to find reliable pet-sitters and caretakers, this app helps dog-owners find reliable and qualified dog-walkers! Swifto employs the best dog-walkers and has some really great tech support so you can be tension free. After a thorough background check, and two screening processes the walkers are chosen. Plus, each walker has a GPS tracking device so you can keep track of your dog’s adventures on your laptop or mobile as he goes on his fun new walks!

 AllPaws— If you want to get a new dog to grace your home, then AllPaws is the way to go. This cool app lets you choose your pooch sitting on your couch. With profiles of thousands of adoptable pups and dogs, you are sure to find the right dog here on AllPaws.


So these are some of  the most interesting dog apps available. If you are a dog owner or plan on becoming one, don’t forget do download and explore these apps!