June 25, 2016





Hitting the road with your pet cat or dog over a weekend on a long drive  is great fun, but it has its challenges. Follow these helpful tips to make your upcoming journey as enjoyable as you planned it to be.

Do your homework

While researching for pet-friendly hotels , you may stumble upon more resorts that state their ‘pets not allowed’ intentions loud and clear. But don’t be frazzled by the numbers. You’d be surprised to see the lengthy list of home stays that are pet-friendly, easy to find and simple to zero down on


Prepare your pets for travel

Irrespective of whether you are travelling by road, plane, ship or train – it’s always handy to prepare your pets for travel with short, practice trips. They sure wouldn’t mind the free ride and trips like these will help you prepare for the long journey with your pet as well. Before you begin, here are a few things you should remember:

- Ensure your pets are well exercised before travel. If they’ve burned off all their excess energy, chances are high that they’ll be more inclined to rest.

- Make sure there aren’t any strangling hazards close to your pet while you are at the wheel. 


 - Project the drive as a good thing, not as a prison. Avoid shoving your pet into the vehicle. By allowing him to explore the vehicle on his own, you are reinforcing good energy and positive body language.

Cars and pets

It is okay to break your pets regular feeding schedule while travelling – which means, before setting off on your trip, do not feed them as much as you would normally do. That doesn’t mean you feed your pet while moving. They are naturally prone to motion sickness and that could be a very smelly beginning to your vacation.

 Take regular breaks, during which you can spend some time playing, walking and feeding your pets high protein snacks to keep their stomachs from growling aloud.

 Note: Do not leave your pets in a parked car, a short errand can lead to a long one and cars turn into ovens faster than ovens actually do.

Planes and pets

Make sure your research is up to date with regard to airline rules and regulations. Some require health certificates, pre-boarding checkups and so on. Whatever the case, you wouldn’t want to be caught surprised at the eleventh hour.

 To work your way around the chaos that are airports, reach well before your check-in time and ensure that all your paperwork is in place. 

Just as with car travel, avoid feeding your pet before boarding. In fact, it’s best to fast for at least 6 hours before the trip. Make a quick pit stop right before departure and see that your pet is well hydrated throughout the trip.

Your pet would probably be placed in the luggage compartment of the plane. So if your pet isn’t beside you in the main cabin – avoid dramatic goodbyes. You’ll simply end up upsetting your pet. Stay calm and your pet will be calm too.

Travelling with your pet can be a unique experience – just remember to do your homework to eliminate en route surprises.

Happy Weekend !!!!!!!!!!