June 07, 2016

Warning Signs A Dog Is About To Bite

Warning Signs A Dog Is About To Bite

 Warning Signs A Dog Is About To Bite

One thing that you say after you have been bit by a dog is “I didn’t know he was going to bite”. Well, the pooch has been dropping a lot hints that a bite is coming your way. However, you didn’t anticipate it. Isn’t it? For your safety, here are few warning signs that indicate a dog is ready to bite. These hints might seem subtle and very adorable, but aren’t very friendly.


Yawning and lip licking


If a dog is yawning or licking his lips continuously, despite of the fact food isn’t involved here, he is indicating that he might just bite or he is a little uncomfortable. This yawning and lip licking may seem very friendly, but sometimes it is not. The best thing you could is to ease his discomfort by pacification gestures.


 Avoiding Eye Contact


If the pup is avoiding eye contact and not responding to your gesture, this is another warning sign for you. He might bite.


 Snapping and Growling


Snapping and growing are the most evident hints that a dog is ready to bite. The reason dogs generally snap or growl is because they aren’t happy or just uncomfortable. To find a solution to this, observe specifically when the dog growls, during eating, or when a stranger is near or if the dog is touched. Keep a check on this, and you may avoid the approaching bite.


Wagging tail



Another impending bite hint is when dog is wagging his tail in an upward direction. However, this sign can be a little misleading. A happy pooch may well wag his tail involving his entire body. On the other hand, the dog who is about to bite will have a little rigid tail pointing upward.


 Rigid Body Posture


Whenever a dog is belligerent, his body language is one thing that would help you figure out if he is about to bite. Pooch’s body will be stiff along with his tail pointed high.


Raised Fur


Often when dogs are overly stimulated or afraid of something, their fur coat is raised. In some mutt breeds, only the hair at the back of the neck and shoulder stand up. With their raised fur, he is giving you a clue that stay away, or else a bite will happen.


Tail Tucking and Shrinking


Shrinking and tucking in of tail is another obvious sign that a dog is about to bite. However, it can also be an indication of fear. But why take risk? For that reason, if you find dog’s tail tucked between his legs, don’t mess and just give him space.


Whites of eyes


When the dog is happy, you won’t be able to see the whites in their eyes. But often when the dog is aggressive, or feels threatened, the whites in their eyes shows giving you’re a very clear sign that you should back off.