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What’s in Your Dog’s Kibble?
July 23, 2020
With pet food ingredients constantly evolving, elements like GMOs and grains seem to be the new-age culprits. So what's the best kibble for your beloved pet? Read on to find out!
To shave or not to shave your pet ?
July 07, 2016
To shave or not to shave, that is the question. The mercury is steadily raising each day . I have fielded questions, comments and tried to educate the masses on dog shaving. I must admit, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. For Pete’s sake… DONT SHAVE YOUR DOG!
How To Get Your Small Dog Stop Barking & Biting At You ….
June 27, 2016
You've probably heard the stereotype at some point that small dogs tend to be very vocal. Barking is a dog's way of communicating to humans, letting us know that he needs something (food, water, or intangible needs like affection and reassurance) or warning us of approaching intruders. Biting, when done without aggression, is usually a desperate attempt to get a person's attention. It's impossible (and unreasonable) to expect a dog to stop barking completely, but you can manage your pet's excessive bar
June 25, 2016
Hitting the road with your pet cat or dog over a weekend on a long drive is great fun, but it has its challenges. Follow these helpful tips to make your upcoming journey as enjoyable as you planned it to be.
Dog Apps For Dog Owners
June 22, 2016
What with our love for dogs and mobile apps, somewhere along the line, the two loves were bound to cross ways and plow forward together! So now, we have tons of really cool Dog-related apps that are rocking the world of both dog owners, and their beloved pooches! So here are five of the most interesting dog apps that every dog owner just needs to check out
Budgie Health Hazards
June 17, 2016
How many and which bird health hazards are your bird(s) exposed to every day? Do you know? Do you know how to treat and detox your birds if they have been exposed to various combinations of bird health hazards? Have you ever wondered why some birds only live a few years and others live many years? Would you like your birds to have a long healthy life? Perhaps now is the best time to know about your birds, their cages and cage furniture and any bird health hazards and general day to day management?
Household Hazards for Pets
June 14, 2016
Keeping your pet safe can be challenging due to their curious nature. Cats and dogs like to snoop, so owners need to take a few precautions. My dog is most famous for dumpster diving in the bathroom trash can. It really scared me when I saw he had a razor out, so I now have a covered trash can. Here are a few other common household items that are hazardous for pets:
Warning Signs A Dog Is About To Bite
June 07, 2016
One thing that you say after you have been bit by a dog is “I didn’t know he was going to bite”. Well, the pooch has been dropping a lot hints that a bite is coming your way. However, you didn’t anticipate it. Isn’t it? For your safety, here are few warning signs that indicate a dog is ready to bite. These hints might seem subtle and very adorable, but aren’t very friendly.
Ways To Keep Your Dog Smelling Good
June 03, 2016
Dog odor may of varied sorts - flatulence, skin infections, bad breath or matted fur. The scent becomes unpleasant when there is a growth of bacteria / fungus / skin infection. In the end no matter how cute a dog or puppy is, bad odor can make it difficult to stay with them. It is very important to understand the main reason behind the dog’s odor. A dirty, unkempt dog can smell up the entire place. However, many a times clean dogs also give bad odor. We have listed a few reasons why a dog may smell bad