Chipsi Timothy Hay

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TYPE: Small animals Food 

APPLICABLE FOR: Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits

DESCRIPTION: CHIPSI  Timothy Hay Compressed 750 g contains all the essential vitamins and minerals for supporting overall health and well being of your pet. The diet faciliatates a healthy digestion and maximum absorption of nutrition. Chipsi Timothy also prevents the teeth of the rodents from growing too long. A healthy fibre content in the diet ensures that your pets maintain an ideal body weight. The food is excellent for the exercise of the teeth. Chipsi Timothy Meadow is 100% natural and makes it highly palatable due to its flavour and taste.


  • The hay is high in biodiversity offering the pet maximum nutrition.
  • A rich fibre content for keeping a healthy digestive system.
  • Assists natural dental abrasion.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals boost overall immunity.

Crude Protein 16.1%, Crude Fibre 22.8%, Crude Fat 3.4%, Sugar 10.4%