Ectospray 250Ml

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480518-ECTOSPRAY 250ML

Versele Laga Ectospray is active against lice, mites
and ticks through the presence of permethrin

- Ectospray from Versele Laga is an insecticide spray based on permethrin
- Active against lice, mites and ticks, can be used during the racing season
- Controlling pests in the loft (nest bowls, baskets etc)
- No negative effects on the feathers and the feather stamps
- Long lasting (1 month)

- With clear presence of pests:
Spray once or twice on the pigeons under the wings and on the tail
Also spray the loft with Ectospray
- Preventive:
Treat the pigeons every 4 weeks with Ectospray

- Permethrinum
- Ol. Lavandulae
- Ol. Melaleucae alternifoliae