Oro.Opti Form Dog 100Tab

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Country of Origin: Belgium

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Oropharma Opti Form- Dog 

Complementary feed for dogs. A wet nose, a wagging tail and a cheerful
mood are all signs that your dog is healthy. But sometimes your beloved
quadruped can be a bit sluggish or you get the feeling that it is not
feeling well. It can be that its resistance needs an extra push.
Opti Form consists of high-quality natural brewer's yeast, a source of B
vitamins, amino acids and minerals. The combination of B vitamins with
folic acid and zinc gives your dog a shiny coat and also improves its
appetite and vitality. Opti Form is enriched with β-glucans that improve
resistance. Always use Opti Form in periods of debility, fatigue or
recovery after illness of your faithful quadruped. Opti Form has been
enriched with MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides) to let your dog's
digestion function without any problems. The Opti Form tablets are very
tasty and are therefore also suitable as a nice and healthy snack for your
Direction For Use :-
 Small dogs (< 10 kg adult weight): 1 tablet per day.
 Medium-sized dogs (10 to 20 kg adult weight): 2 tablets per day.
 Large dogs (> 20 kg adult weight): 3 tablets per day.
Analytical Constituents :-
 Protein   40  % 
 Fat content   0,8  % 
 Crude ash   6  % 
 Crude fiber   0,06  % 

Nutritional additives  :-


 3b8.10 - Organic form of selenium  0,32 mg/kg
(produced by saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060)  

Composition :-

 Brewer´s yeast - Saccharomyces cerevisiae   88,5  % 
 β-glucans   3  % 
 Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS)   1,5  % 

Packing :-
  Pot  100 tablets




Generic NameFeed Supplemeng For Dogs
Net Quantity
ManufacturerVerlacor N.V.
Versele-Laga, Kapellestraat 70-9800, Deinze, Belgium
Deinze, Belgium