Oroph.Ideal Bathsalt 1Kg

Unit Size: 1KG
Rs. 1225


Oropharma Ideal Bath Salt is an orange bath salts. This care eases the plumes, relaxes
muscles, improves donsval and removes pellet particles of skin. Often imitated, never
equaled. It is a widely known fact that birds like to bathe and they are also necessary.
The pools on a regular basis is essential for the maintenance of the springs. By
adding Ideal Bath Salt to your bath water the pigeons supple feathers and helps
maintain the strength and water repellency of feathers.

Operating instructions
1 tablespoon Ideal Bathsalt per 10 liters of water. 

Winter: one bath a week.
Flight Period: 1 or 2 baths per week.
Moulting period: 2 baths a week.
A free and give cold bath, preferably in the morning. Required tepid bath after the
Change the solution after each badbeurt.

For the detailed list of all components, see the package insert.

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