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Pigeons consume a lot of energy during the race. Therefore, their muscles need a constant supply of ATP (= fuel for the cell). The muscles can call upon various sources of energy to make ATP : phospocreatine, glycogen, glucose from the blood, and fatty acids from the fatty tissue. Gamma oryzanol has an anabolic effect. It builds up tissue and provides extra strength and increased muscle mass. In addition, gamma oryzanol also has an anti-oxidative effect. BOOST X5 also contains BCAA (branchedchain amino acids) which
are used mainly to provide the muscles with energy and thereby reduce fatigue. BOOST X5 is also rich in glutamine, and this plays an important part in producing and storing glycogen, a chain of glucose molecules. When pigeons exert themselves, they draw on these chains as the first energy reserves in the muscle cell.

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Generic NameFeed Supplement For Birds
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