Versele Laga Oropharma Ducolvit 500-ml

Unit Size: 500 ML
MRP: Rs. 1175 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Country of Origin: Belgium


Oropharma Ducolvit is a liquid multi-vitamin preparation. This dietary supplement
supports general health and helps during the breeding and in recovery after
illness. Vitamins are complex organic substances, which the pigeon needs to
regulate the biological processes in its body. Vitamins are extremely important for
good health. The pigeon is unable to make the majority of vitamins itself and
consequently these have to be absorbed through its food. 
Directions for use:
6 bottle tops (30 ml) of Ducolvit per litre of drinking water.
- Throughout the year: once a week. 
- During periods with an increased need for vitamins (sickness, breeding, heavy
exertion): twice a week. 
Prepare the solution fresh every time.
 Analytical constituents:
 Crude protein   0,35  %  
 Crude fat   0,30  %  
 Crude ash   0  %  
 Crude fibre   0  %  
 Sodium   160  mg/kg


Generic NameFeed Supplement For Birds
Net Quantity500
ManufacturerVerlacor N.V.
Versele-Laga, Kapellestraat 70-9800, Deinze, Belgium
Deinze, Belgium, Belgium - 70-9800