Fidele Puppy Lamb & Rice

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We’ve carefully chosen ingredients and blended them together to work on a diet that's inspired, healthy and simply delicious for your dog. Our New Zealand Lamb and Brown Rice formula contains a high amount of fibre, making food easier to digest. Lamb is a great natural source of natural glucosamine and chondroitin promoting cartilage development and joint health. It also provides essential amino acids and B vitamins to help maintain lean muscle and healthy organs. This formula also contains Dried Antarctic Krill, a pure source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are important for the nervous system, heart, eyes and most importantly, the coat. Our formula is completely Chicken Free, which makes it the perfect sensitive diet for a pet who suffers from poultry related allergies.

Nutritional Benefits :


Fidèle’s New Zealand Lamb and Brown Rice Formula contains natural sources of Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint health.


Ideal ratio of Omega-6 & Omega-3 fatty acids ensures a healthier skin and coat.


Prebiotics and Probiotics added during the process help promote a healthy intestinal tract and overall digestive health.


Suitably sized kibbles, so that Puppies dogs can chew with ease, reducing tartar and plaque build-up from puppyhood.


Ingredients :


Dehydrated Lamb, Brown Rice, Maize, Animal Fat, Beet Pulp, Carob Flour, Cellulose, Dried Antarctic Krill (a natural source of FOS and inulin), Dried apples, Linseed, Lecithin, MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides), Rosemary, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), GLM (green lipped mussel)




Crude proteins: 26.0% | Crude oils and fats: 16.0% | Inorganic matter: 8.5% | Crude Fibers: 3.0% | Moisture: 9%


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