Vitapol Food For Guinea Pig 400 Gms

Unit Size: 400 gms
MRP: Rs. 250 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Country of Origin: Poland

Small, gentle and vocal – don’t we all love a guinea pig? Creating a mixture of healthy, tasty nutrients for your picky eater, Vitapols' Food for Guinea Pig is a colourful blend of a variety of wholesome flavours consisting of rich fruits, vegetables and a reduced amount of grains. This medley of ingredients fortified with Vitamin C not also provides your guinea pig a natural diet, but also encourages a good digestive system while maintaining it’s ideal weight. After all, a healthy guinea pig is a happy guinea pig!


  • Complete easily digestible food mixture containing high quality seeds and cereals
  • Enriched with fruits and vegetables – source of vitamins C, minerals and pectin & antioxidants
  • Maintains ideal weight
  • Contains extra natural fiber for better intestinal peristalsis.


  • Quantity  - 400 gm
  • Suitable for - Guinea Pig


  • Wheat, grain products and middlings, sunflower extracted meal, alfalfa meal, barley, oat groats, corn, dehydrated parsnip, red sorghum, flax seed, dehydrated carrot, pea flakes, corn flour, dehydrated beetroot, grass meal, corn flour, wheat flour, pumpkin seed, dehydrated celeriac, willow bark, rose hips, thyme, dill, alfalfa molasses, beet pulp, oats, dried yeast, carotene.


  • Store in a cool, dry place


Generic NameSmall Animal Food
Net Quantity0.4
Dimensions12 x 5 x 24
Kobylarnia 20A 86-061 Brzoza k/Bydgoszczy ,Poland
Bronza, Poland, Poland - 86-061