Vitapol Food For Lovebird 500 Gms

Unit Size: 500 gms
Rs. 275

A balanced, superior source of nutrition, Vitapols' Food for Lovebirds is a delectable mix of specially selected seeds with a fair amount of canary grass. Your feathered friend will love the taste of this myriad of nourishing ingredients. Essential to a bird’s daily diet, the nutrients in this food mix will ensure your little pet bird remains flapping happy and healthy. After all, a healthy lovebird is a happy lovebird!


  • Complete mixture of top seeds with a large share of canary grass
  • Promotes good conditioning and breeding of birds
  • Addition of flax supports proper functioning of digestive tract


  • Weight – 500 Gms
  • Suitable for – Love birds


  • Red millet, canary grass seed, yellow millet, carob, black sunflower seed, white sorghum, red sorghum, safflower seed, hemp seed, niger seed, flax seed, corn flour, wheat flour, carotene, alfalfa meal.


  • Store in a cool, dry place