Vitapol Smakers Economic For Rabbit 90 Gms

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Unit Size: 90 gms
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Country of Origin: Poland

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Appetising, fibrous and nutritious, Vitapols’ Smakers Economic for Rabbit are perfect for your rabbit as treats between meals throughout the day. These not only ensure a full tummy of your bunny, but also maintain healthy hair and teeth. A part of his daily balanced diet, the smakers contain fruits rich in Vitamin C, cereals known for its fibre content whilst stimulating active food acquisition at the same time. Keep your little friend active at all times; after all, a healthy bunny is a happy bunny!


  • Acts as a supplement to daily diet
  • Wheat flakes ensure proper digestion, and carrot and apple provide essential vitamins and minerals
  • Contains fiber for better peristaltics
  • Stimulates active food acquisition, similar to natural way


  • Weight – 1.2 Kgs
  • Suitable for – Rabbits


  • Wheat, wheat flakes, dehydrated carrot, pea flakes, dehydrated apple, flax seed, and wheat flour


  • Store in a cool, dry place


Generic NameBird Food
Net Quantity0.09
Dimensions8 x 3.2 x 18.5
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Bronza, Poland - 86-061