Vitapol Vitaline Charcoal For Bird 8 Gms

Unit Size: 8 gms
Rs. 70

A trusted feed supplement that aids digestion and toxin absorption, Vitapols' Vitaline Charcoal for Birds is an all natural vegetal coal for your avian friend. Specially packed to retain its freshness, your pet bird will love it. The natural carbon also provides a rich source of minerals. Regular use helps ensure that your bird maintains a proper digestive system to live a healthy life. After all, a healthy bird is a happy bird!


  • Natural coal for all birds
  • Contains natural carbon that absorbs toxins
  • Indispensable for poisoning and diarrhoea
  • Regulates activity of the digestive system


  • Quantity  - 8 gms
  • Suitable for - Birds


  • Vegetal Carbon


  • Store in a cool, dry place