Vitapol Vitaline Mix Natura For Canary 20 Gms

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Country of Origin: Poland

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A healthy diet is the key to having a healthy bird. Vitapols' Vitaline Mix Natura for Canary is a fortified dietary supplement made from hand picked seeds and herbs. Formulated to provide your pet with the vitamins and minerals it needs, this wholesome blend of natural vitamins and proteins is excellent for breeding canaries or those in moulting. Make this a part of your canary’s daily regimen to support your bird’s overall development and immunity while keeping diseases at bay. After all, a healthy canary is a happy canary!


  • Rich in natural vitamins from the best quality herbs
  • Ideal for canary weakened during breeding, when the body requires a varied diet
  • Provides healthy, intensely coloured feathers due to presence of carotene.
  • Contains hibiscus flower, mallow and marigold lowering cholesterol, rich in vitamins, protects the liver and supports immune system
  • Nettle prevents diarrhoea, flatulence, improves peristalsis


  • Quantity  - 20 gms
  • Suitable for - Canary


  • Canary grass seed, niger seed, turnip seed, oat groats, grass seed, hemp seed, poppy seed, flax seed, sesame seed, bee pollen, lettuce seed, nettle, rose petals, hibiscus flower, mallow flower, marigold flower


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