Vitapol Vitaline Moulting Food For Parrots 20 Gms

Unit Size: 20 gms
Rs. 70

A large amount of your bird’s energy is consumed during the moulting period. As such, regular food is not enough to sustain the health of your feathered friend. Vitapols' Vitaline Moulting Food for Parrots is a specially developed and nutritionally enhance food supplement which eases stress during moulting periods by replacing lost nutrients. With increased energy, it also ensures your bird’s feathers remain bright and shiny. After all, a healthy parrot is a happy parrot!


  • Composed of high-oil seeds meeting demand of increased energy
  • Adds shine to feathers


  • Weight – 20 gms
  • Suitable for – Parrots


  • Sesame seed, flax seed, niger seed, peanut, hemp seed, canary grass seed, white millet, yellow millet, red millet, dehydrated alfalfa, nettle


  • Store in a cool, dry place