Vitapol Vitaline Shells And Calcium 50 Gms

Unit Size: 50 gms
Rs. 75

An all natural calcium supplement for your feathered friend, Vitapols’ Vitaline Shells and Calcium is ideal for your breeding and growing bird. Enhanced shell structure and improved brain and nerve function are a result of a balanced diet with a rich share of calcium. With this food supplement, your pet bird will also be the proud owner of a set of healthy, shiny feathers. After all, a healthy bird is a happy bird!


  • Rich in calcium, helps in the strengthening of bones and proper construction of  eggshells during breeding phase
  • Essential during moulting phase, promotes healthy feathers


  • Quantity  - 50 gms
  • Suitable for - Birds


  • Calcareous Marine Shells


  • Store in a cool, dry place