Vitapol Vitaline Sing Sing For Canary 20 Gms

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Let your home echo with the sweet sound of your singing canary. Vitapols' Vitaline Sing Sing for Canary is a beautiful song formula created to enhance the stimulation intensity and tone of your bird’s song. This high quality food supplement is loved and trusted the world over. Ensuring your canary will sing through the day, it is designed to meet your bird’s increased energy needs and is a power packed addition to your singing canary's regular diet. After all, a healthy canary is a happy canary!


  • Mixture of seeds affects the stimulation intensity and tone of your pet bird
  • Especially important in a period of increased demand for energy


  • Quantity  - 20 gms
  • Suitable for Canary


  • Turnip seed, niger seed, hemp seed, sesame seed, lettuce seed, poppy seed