Vitapol Xl Mineral Block For Birds - Natural 190 Gms

Unit Size: 190 gms
Rs. 205

Your bird needs calcium for healthy bones, strong eggs and shiny feathers. Vitapols' Mineral Block for Birds comprises of 100% natural calcium carbonate ensuring your pet bird receives all the minerals necessary to thrive in it’s environment. Available in a long lasting and playful 190 gm block, the product is easily consumable by your bird. It not only eliminates hours of boredom but is also the perfect food supplement. Bear in mind, a healthy bird is a happy bird!


  • Rich in calcium, responsible for the strengthening and health of the bones and proper construction of the eggshells during breeding phase
  • Important during the moulting promoting healthy feathers


  • Quantity  - 190 gms
  • Suitable for - Birds


  • Calcium carbonate 100%